Sunday, January 12, 2014

Monday, January 6, 2014

Skeletons in the House

 I found some great skeletons at the miniature show I attended in October, and I finally got around to doing something with them.
 I'll eventually "dress" the other two, like I did the female, but for now this is how they'll be.
I once lived in an apartment with my ex-husband where there were some strange plumbing noises at night. We joked that it was a ghost that had to go to the bathroom, so here's one of the skeletons doing just that!

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Kit Bashing/ Customizing

I don't know if people still refer to it as "kit bashing", but that's what I called it when I did my original customization of this dollhouse. I started with a sketch of what I wanted to change directly on top of the photo in the instruction booklet. This was pre-Photoshop and before everyone had a computer in their home.... and long before people searched the internet for every little thing. I had to learn as I went along.....making mistakes and learning from them.

You can see how much I actually had to build from scratch when you you see the original photo from the above instruction booklet. I think that's why I'm so attached to this dollhouse...because I put so much time and learning experience into it.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Better Photos of My Hallowe'en House

I scanned these photos this evening to show off my house when it was in its glory. Before my children got old enough to start taking things from it and damaging it. And our old cat....she used to climb on top of it and chew on the chimney. The yard I put on the front was too big to pass through a standard doorway I had to tear it off and build a new smaller one.

This was the relaxation room. Luckily, many things from this room are still in great shape.

This was the Hallowe'en feast!

The front of the house with real working Hallowe'en lights. The skeleton is an earring.

Another photo of the feast. I really miss that silicon jelly. It was so lifelike.

Another shot of the "relaxation room".

Another shot of the front of the house.

The original kitchen.

The bedroom......complete with mini teddy bears...which of course my daughter adopted as her own.

The side of the house. I love making little oil tanks beside my buildings........I don't know why.

One more shot of the feast.

The Second House I Ever Built

This one photo is all that's left of the second house I ever built. I bought the kit when I was living in Arizona, and I brought it back to Canada with me. Some items have survived, but the house itself is long gone.

All That's Left of My Lighthouse

These photos, and the mounted fish are about all that remains of the scratch-built lighthouse I made years ago.

You can see the Wolffish and the tiny painting I did.
This room had the Musky and other things I scratch built.

Photos From The Past

This is how the hallway used to look.......

And how it looked after my daughter and her friend played with it. I have since restored the railing....and made it more secure.

This framed picture of Vincent Price is glued permanently to the wall. A mistake I won't make again. Make sure you can always remove your favorite "paintings" in case you want to put them in a new house.

I was so happy with how this bedding turned out! I always keep my eyes open for tiny prints to make bedding with....and I do the tiny crochet myself.

This was the wooden refrigerator I made. The interior was quite detailed too, but it got destroyed. I'm going to make an even better one!

I'm always adding to the tiny potion bottles!

The main staircase. It's a tight fit......but it allowed me to add on a kitchen.