Monday, October 21, 2013

Better Photos of My Hallowe'en House

I scanned these photos this evening to show off my house when it was in its glory. Before my children got old enough to start taking things from it and damaging it. And our old cat....she used to climb on top of it and chew on the chimney. The yard I put on the front was too big to pass through a standard doorway I had to tear it off and build a new smaller one.

This was the relaxation room. Luckily, many things from this room are still in great shape.

This was the Hallowe'en feast!

The front of the house with real working Hallowe'en lights. The skeleton is an earring.

Another photo of the feast. I really miss that silicon jelly. It was so lifelike.

Another shot of the "relaxation room".

Another shot of the front of the house.

The original kitchen.

The bedroom......complete with mini teddy bears...which of course my daughter adopted as her own.

The side of the house. I love making little oil tanks beside my buildings........I don't know why.

One more shot of the feast.

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