Monday, October 21, 2013

Photos From The Past

This is how the hallway used to look.......

And how it looked after my daughter and her friend played with it. I have since restored the railing....and made it more secure.

This framed picture of Vincent Price is glued permanently to the wall. A mistake I won't make again. Make sure you can always remove your favorite "paintings" in case you want to put them in a new house.

I was so happy with how this bedding turned out! I always keep my eyes open for tiny prints to make bedding with....and I do the tiny crochet myself.

This was the wooden refrigerator I made. The interior was quite detailed too, but it got destroyed. I'm going to make an even better one!

I'm always adding to the tiny potion bottles!

The main staircase. It's a tight fit......but it allowed me to add on a kitchen.

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